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Home : News : Press : Algonquin Studios Launches New QuantumCMS Site for Buffalo Soccer Club

Algonquin Studios Launches New QuantumCMS Site for Buffalo Soccer Club

Originally posted on: June 14, 2012

Buffalo Soccer Club LogoA non-profit youth soccer organization offering house league, travel team, and afterschool soccer programming for children ages 4-14 in the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Soccer Club (BSC) was recently awarded a prestigious Social Innovation Fund sub-grant from the U.S. Soccer Foundation. The two-year, $600,000 grant will be used to fund the implementation of a Soccer for Success program at public schools throughout Buffalo.

The program will expand BSC’s programming to an additional 1,000 children and BSC’s leadership realized that the grant announcement and Soccer for Success kick off would be a perfect opportunity to launch a new site that was better able to convey the mission and goals of BSC to its target audience.

“As a non-profit, getting the word out about our programming is of huge importance. It’s how we find sponsors, volunteers, coaches, and players. We’re so excited about the launch of our new site because the new design makes connecting with each of those groups so much easier,” says, BSC Program Director, Anna-Lesa Calvert. “There are separate and distinct paths to follow whether you’re looking to donate, participate, or find program information. Plus, the new design has a colorful, playful feel that is more in step with the spirit of our organization and really allows BSC to showcase our players and our programs.”

By employing an additional style sheet that applies to the site when the browser viewport is less than the width of the design, Algonquin’s web developers also made sure the new BSC web site is mobile-friendly, making it the perfect source of information for busy, on-the-go parents. The mobile styles make navigation easier on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets so that team schedules and game times are readily available and even player registration can be accomplished whenever and wherever convenient.

“Our new web presence is a more accessible, visually exciting, and interactive experience than what we had previously,” says Calvert. “I’m confident our visitors will be much more engaged and better informed than they were when interacting with our old site.”

About Buffalo Soccer Club – Buffalo Soccer Club was established in 2007 as a pilot program of Algonquin Sports for Kids, Inc., to enhance the lives of young people living in the City of Buffalo through sports and educational activities that are rooted in fun, ethical principles. BSC utilizes sports as a platform to encourage youth and family development in a safe environment by focusing on healthy life choices, the development of athletic identity, and positive behavior changes-specifically an increase in self-discipline, personal responsibility, and respect for self and others. Since its inception, BSC has provided over 400 different children with an opportunity to play soccer in the City of Buffalo.