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      7. Algonquin to be Official QR Code Sponsor of 2012 LMA Annual Conference
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Home : News : Company Announcements : Algonquin Studios Announces Release of QuantumCMS 5

Algonquin Studios Announces Release of QuantumCMS 5

Algonquin Studios’ developers recently completed work on the fifth major release of QuantumCMS, the company’s flagship content management system. The new version offers a redesigned interface, new and improved features, and upgraded code.

“The latest version adds many new features requested by our clients, enjoys some significant speed improvements, and provides authoring tool support for more browsers across more platforms,” say Algonquin Co-Founder and Vice-President, Adrian Roselli. “Overall I think our clients and their users will really benefit from all the changes.”

QuantumCMS version 5.0 offers users a streamlined interface design with a cleaner look and feel and a site tree that’s been rebuilt from the ground, up. In addition to new icons and styles, the tree now includes drag-and-drop functionality for moving and sorting pages, available in all officially supported browsers, and a draft indicator, informing authors of the existence of a draft for any given page.

The new version also includes a new file manager, which supports drag-and-drop for moving files and includes basic image editing features like resize, crop, and rotate. In modern browsers, users can drag files from a computer into the window to quickly upload them to the server, uploading multiple files simultaneously. Developers also noticed that many QuantumCMS users associate images with the links on their web sites, so they’ve added a uniquely implemented “Link Image” file picker to the Linked Pages screen. 

Algonquin’s developers also added a set of new screens that can be used to help define the business rules that are specific to a specific area of a site and manage the content that lives in that area or “section.” In QuantumCMS 5.0, users can define any page as the root of a section and apply custom content like Linked Pages or Properties that will appear on all pages within that section.

“The new “Sections” feature is something we’re particularly excited about,” says Mike Spencer, Algonquin’s Web Development Manager. “While making use of this feature will require some additional coding updates in order to match a site’s business rules, we believe Sections will be particularly helpful for clients who need to manage multilingual content and/or mini-sites, as they’ll streamline the updating and editing processes for those areas of a site.”

Finally, Algonquin’s developers implemented updates that include data table grid sorting, print tracking in Google Analytics, and a streamlined page rendering process, allowing clients with web sites on the new version to see significant site speed improvements.

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