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Home : News : Clients : Case Studies : Big Bear

Big Bear

Big Bear is a Buffalo-based garment decoration company that provides promotional products distributors with embroidery, tackle twill, screen-printing, and fulfillment services. In addition to using Algonquin Studios as its outsourced IT services provider, Big Bear has also taken advantage of Algonquin's CMS and software development expertise to the benefit of its full-service apparel decoration business and its customers.

The company uses QuantumCMS, Algonquin's web content management system, to easily upload PDFs containing valuable customer information like new customer sign-up forms, credit card payment forms, and the company's terms and conditions to their web site, Staff can also update information including new services and pictures of recent garment decoration projects via QuantumCMS. But ask Big Bear's customer service staff what they think is the most useful feature of Big Bear's site and they'll tell you it's the ability for customers to access the company's online web reporting service.

Big Bear's proprietary, Algonquin Studios-built software system, Bear Trax, contains a unique web reporting feature that provides customers with the ability to follow each of their orders through the entire production process. From receiving acknowledgments that detail each inbound box's contents (down to specific style numbers, sizes, and colors) to instant outbound tracking and shipping information, every aspect of every order is available to Big Bear's customers online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This time-saving reporting feature allows Big Bear's customer service department to focus their conversations with customers on issues and concerns, rather than production status updates, allowing both Big Bear and its customers to meet production and shipping deadlines and build reputations for accuracy and outstanding service.


The "Orders" page allows Big Bear customers to review the specifics of any purchase order Big Bear has received from them within a specified date range.  Customers can view both tracking and decoration detail information from this page.

The "Details" page shows garment style, size, and color breakdowns and decorating instructions, pricing, and shipping information for a specific order.

The "Shipment" page offers ship date, tracking numbers, shipping supplier, and shipping service information for each order.