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      7. August 20, 2010 User Group Agenda
      8. What's New in QuantumCMS 4.1?
      9. QuantumCMS 4.1 Sneak Peek: Site-Wide Linked Pages
      10. QuantumCMS 4.1 Sneak Peek: Unpublished Pages in the Tree
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      6. Why Can't I Just Reply to Form Submissions?
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      1. Algonquin Studios Announces Release of QuantumCMS 5
      2. What's New in QuantumCMS 5?
      3. Algonquin Studios to Exhibit at 2013 LMA Annual Conference
      4. Algonquin Announces Refresher Training Sessions for QuantumCMS Clients
      5. Algonquin Studios Creates Product Research and Development Team
      6. Growth Continues For Local High-Tech Sector Company
      7. Algonquin to be Official QR Code Sponsor of 2012 LMA Annual Conference
      8. Algonquin to Sponsor LMA Virginias 2011 Continuing Marketing Education Conference
      9. Algonquin Studios Announces Opening of New York City Office
      10. Algonquin Studios Announces Sponsorship of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers
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“We found that QuantumCMS was simply the most customizable content management system…”

Michael Hickok

Michael Hickok
Director of Online Services
Catholic Health

“I would recommend QuantumCMS to any organization looking to create or improve its web site.”

Stacy VanBlarcom
Communications Manager

Lifetime Health Medical Group

“Our ability to disseminate information to clients and the legal community has improved tremendously…”

Phil Cox

Phil Cox

Global Law Marketing

“…I don’t know of another content management system as reliable and efficient as QuantumCMS.”

Marlene Potter
Director of Marketing

Lipsitz & Ponterio LLC

“QuantumCMS redefined our web presence both in functionality and aesthetics…”

Luke Kankiewicz
Marketing Development Analyst

Aero Intruments and Avionics

“We continue to be ecstatic about all that we have been able to accomplish.

Katz Americas

With QuantumCMS, you get all of this and so much more.

Marketing URLS Marketing URLS
Imagine that?! Readable URLs that make sense, in a language you already know. We think it's pretty important to actually find content on your site - not hide it!

Syndication & Blogs Syndication & Blogs
Publish your content once and push out to any other source via RSS. QuantumCMS also imports RSS feeds directly into your site, from an external blog or other source.

Form Building Form Building
Yes, you can! Build forms and collect data anywhere on your site. From simple to multi-step forms, you've got the power to create them, collect data, and run reports.

Custom Apps and Modules Custom Apps and Modules
We're no fancy phone, but if you need to get more from your site, we've got an app for that! From industry-specific modules to complete custom apps, our answer is yes.

Visitors and Analytics Visitors and Analytics
Ready, fire, aim! That's right! Don't sit around while your competition is beating you. Take action, measure your results, and take more action with best-in-class metrics from Google Analytics and more.

Multilingual Multilingual
Sí, es verdad! Yes, it's true! From North America to the Far East, QuantumCMS can manage content in whatever language you want to present to your visitors.

Why QuantumCMS?

Algonquin Studios’ content management system has been designed for flexibility and ease of use. QuantumCMS makes it easy to manage all of your web content with browser-based tools that require no technical knowledge or familiarity with HTML. Changes are made in real time, keeping your web presence fresh and engaging for current and prospective clients and add-on modules built for specific industries cater to the needs of marketers in those fields.